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Last year, Teulon Pumpkinfest celebrated it's 30th anniversary, and this year, the Teulon and District Ag Society celebrates its 100th anniversary!

The Teulon Agricultural Society's century-long presence underscores its deep-rooted connection to the community and its commitment to fostering development and progress. Since the earliest pioneers settled in the region, farming has been the backbone of the local economy, evolving from a means of survival to thriving businesses.

From 1878 to 1940, the area witnessed a significant increase in grain production alongside subsistence farming. Operations expanded to include beef cattle, dairy cows, swine production, and grain farming, reflecting the community's agricultural diversity. The construction of elevators and steam engines facilitated grain exports, further fueling the region's economic growth. Businesses like the Teulon Creamery and Ellison's Flour Mill played crucial roles in supporting local farmers. Over the past 30 years there has been a shift in agriculture with the reduction of small family farms. There are now larger more commercialized farming operations. Yet farming continues to be the backbone of our economy.

In the early years, the establishment of various agricultural organizations, including the Agricultural Association, Horse Breeders, Sheep and Swine Breeders and the Pure-bred Cattle Breeders Associations, demonstrated the community's commitment to advancing farming practices. The Women's Institute, founded by farm wives, underscored the importance of community involvement and collaboration.

Friendly competitions among farm families gave rise to plowing matches and agricultural fairs, laying the foundation for the Teulon Agricultural Society. The first The Ag Society Act certificate was issued March 10, 1924. While other agricultural organizations faded away, the Teulon Ag Society persisted, adapting to changing agricultural landscapes and economic realities.

The society's early focus on livestock improvement and mixed farming reflected its dedication to agricultural advancement. In 1931 the Calf Club entered the national competition in Toronto and in 1935 a group of boys competed in Toronto in the National Potato Project Competition. The Ag Society was instrumental in nurturing the next generation of farmers.

The inaugural fall fair was held in 1946, marking a significant milestone in the society's history. In 1952, the society demonstrated its commitment to community development by raising $1,500($20,000 in todays value) for the construction of the new curling rink, the new facility was used to house exhibitions during the fall fairs. 

The fair continued for 50 years and in 1992, the society introduced a second event Teulon Pumpkinfest. The event's popularity, exemplified by the gigantic pumpkin weigh-off, underscores the enduring importance of agriculture to the region. The event has grown to welcome 1500 people annually. There are ten board members that organize the event and countless volunteers on the day that assist. With an annual budget of $20,000 they work hard to make the event fun for all residents. From the traditional fair competition, entertainment, demonstrations, petting zoo, kid’s activities and farmers market, families come together to create memories and celebrate our rural roots.

As the Teulon Agricultural Society celebrates its centennial, it reaffirms its legacy of community involvement and support. Through its dedication to fostering community spirit, supporting local initiatives, and celebrating rural heritage, the society ensures its continued relevance for generations to come.

The Teulon and District Agricultural Society​ has deep roots in our community. It was established March 10, 1924 and we are pleased to be celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2024. 

Their goal was to foster the development and progress of the community. The only time in history that it closed was from 1941-1945 due to the war.

Teulon hosted their first agricultural fair in 1946.  This rural tradition continued for 68 years, being held in the curling club and then arena during the summer months. In 1952 the Ag Society raised $1,500 which they donated to the building fund for the new curling rink.  The Calf Club of 1931 entered the national competition in Toronto. And in 1935 a group of boys competed in Toronto in the National Potato Project competition.


In 1992 the Ag Society decided to host an additional event in the community, calling it Pumpkinfest. This annual tradition brings the community together in the effort to celebrate fall and all that is pumpkin!  The early years of Pumpkinfest saw an attendance of 250 and the last few years over 1200 come to share the day.  One big draw is the gigantic pumpkin weigh off. The largest grown in 2018 tipped the scales at 975 lbs, winning the $1000 prize!


As the entries and participation at the summer fair dropped, the Ag Society decided to only host the one main event annually. Pumpkinfest is still going strong!  The Teulon & District Agricultural Society is proud to be able to showcase our rural roots for many generations.

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