agricultural fair

Indeed, Pumpkinfest is about more than pumpkins! Has your vegetable harvest ever struck you as somewhat mammal-like? Do you fancy yourself a master canner, photographer, or centrepiece arranger? Think your baking skills would put the Cake Boss to shame? Come show us what you got!

Photography ​Rules

  1. All photos must be 5x7.  Other sizes will not be accepted.  

  2. All photographs must be submitted on photographic paper.

  3. All photographs must be unframed.  Framed photos will not be accepted.

  4. Photos entered must be from 2021/2022.

  5. Open to anyone except individuals who derive more than 50% of their income from photography - we encourage all hobby photographers.

  6. Photo(s) submitted are taken by the exhibitor only.

  7. Same photo can not be entered in two categories.

  8. Maximum 2 photos per, per person per category.

  9. All categories in this contest not specifically marked "digitally enhanced" must be un-touched from the original shot taken.  Digitally enhanced means anything done to the original image shot the regular way through a regular camera (film or digital) (eg. cropping colour changes, red eye removal, lightening or darkening, contrast changing, etc.) Yes the judge can tell if you played with it, really





Current record to beat from 2018:





Current record to beat from 2018:





Current record to beat from 2018:


Rules and Info:

  • Pumpkins are to be dropped off at the grandstand 8-10am. The entrance will be off Main Street next to the medical clinic, NOT through the back lane as in past years.

  • Pumpkins are to remain on display until after the last dog show at approximately 3:30pm, however winners will receive their prize at the weigh-off. 

  • Volunteers will be available for loading and unloading.